Friday, August 13, 2010

Headin' to Headwaters today for some XC !! :)

Today we are heading out to Headwaters in Orton to do some Cross-country - just for fun!
It is always great to get the horses out and have them do some fun stuff - without being in a show!

Found a funny set of quotes from 'International Velvet' on eventing:

“The Cross Country event is considered by some, Ms. Brown, to be an opportunity to display carefree abandon. This is a mistake for which I would cheerfully reintroduce capitol punishment. It is a test of brains. And since horses are only marginally less stupid than some of the people who ride them, an observation which carries with it the experience of a lifetime, I would urge you not to sit on your brains but to use them.”

“The great thing about this sport is it’s here to stay.”

A few others quotes (not from the movie).. but pretty interesting all the same...

Experienced riders are not prone to brag. And usually newcomers, if they start out being boastful, end up modest
. -C. J. J. Mullen
(LOVE that one!!!)

Anyone who is concerned about his dignity would be well advised to keep away from horses.
-Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
(te he he !!)

But a horse is a labor of love as well as a responsibility, an aesthetic as well as a dynamic pleasure, something to contemplate as well as to ride.
-Sarah Montague
(very nice)

Horses are something to dream about...and to wish for; fun to watch...and to make friends with; nice to pat... and great to hug: and, oh, what a joy to ride!
-Dorothy Henderson Pinch
(ooooooooh so true!)

... When I looked at life from the saddle and was as near to heaven as it was possible to be.
-Frances, Countess of Warwick
( :] )

It's what you learn after you know it all that's important.

-Legendary Californian rider and trainer Jimmy Williams

Every time you ride, you're either teaching or un-teaching your horse.
-Gordon Wright