Monday, July 8, 2013

Getting geared up for our horse show !! Saturday August 17, 2013

Summer is here and it is almost time for Hopewell Creek Stables annual horse show!

Class List:

1. Western Showmanship/English Halter class (dress according to your discipline and show off your horse!)

2. Western Pleasure (walk-jog with optional lope)

3. Green Horse/Rider Equitation on the Flat (walk-trot)

4. Equitation on the Flat (walk-trot-canter)

5. Green Horse/Rider Hunter Under Saddle (walk-trot)

6. Hunter Under Saddle (walk-trot-canter)

7. Dressage test

8. Hunter over Fences, Cavaletti (X’s)

9. Hunter over Fences (18”)

10.(a) Hunter over Fences (2’3”)

(b) Hunter over Fences (2’3”)

11.(a) Jumper (2’3”, jump off)
(b) Jumper (2’3”, jump off)
(c) Medal class, included at no cost if enter both jumper classes

12. (a) Hunter over Fences (2’6”)
(b) Hunter over Fences (2’6”)

13. (a) Jumper (2’6”, jump off)

14. Hunter Derby (max 2’6”), with options

15. Short course eventing – (max 2’6”) The XC fences are combined with stadium jumping to create a course. This class is a continuous run which starts and finishes in the stadium ring. It is an excellent opportunity for: schooling, trying a new level, or introduction to Horse Trials/Eventing.

16. Hunter Pairs (2’3”)

17. Hunter Trials – Hunt Pairs (2’6”) – combination of stadium and XC fences

18. Open Trail (tack, horse & attire not specific)

19. Game classes (non-discipline mounted games – Western games) 4 games classes included – ride in any tack, and any or all of the games classes!

More details and information on our website!

Glendarden XC.... July 6 Horse Trials

This was the PT division...