Monday, November 18, 2013

Fun hunt in Ayr !

Nov. 17, 2013 Hunting with the Wellington-Waterloo Hunt Club. <

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bring back the Spirit of the Horse Ring at RAWF for 2014!

We have created a petition to be delivered to the organizers of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair regarding the decision to remove the Spirit of the Horse ring from the RAWF for 2013. Petition to sign for bringing back the Spirit of the Horse Ring
Spirit of the horse ring was cancelled for the 2013 year of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This demonstration ring that ran all day each day of the Royal was a stunning attraction that focused on horses and gave viewers demonstrations in different disciplines and on various breeds and general horsemanship information. It always drew a crowd. As of 2013, it was removed and incorporated into the new ‘President’s Choice Animal Theatre’, which essentially reduced the Spirit of the Horse ring to 2 short demonstrations each day. This loss of equine education was a shocking move made by the organizers of the Royal for 2013. We would like the original all-day ring-of-its-own Spirit of the Horse Ring returned for 2014 and future years of the Royal Fair.
The Spirit of the Horse Ring in its original format was a great educational tool both for horse riders and non-riders; there were numerous equine groups participating: Toronto Police Mounted Unit, Rodeo Clowns: Shorty Legs, various Foxhunting Clubs, Wind Dancer Pony Rescue, Donkey Sanctuary, Ontario Horse Trials Association, Blazing Colours Farm, members of the RCMP Musical Ride, Canadian Cowgirls, and featured breeds such as: Appaloosa, Gypsy Vanner, Canadian Horse, Miniature Horse Club of Ontario, Paso Fino, Thoroughbreds, Arabian, Akhal-Teke, Friesian, plus up-and-coming as well as seasoned riders like Mark Todd, and many others. The Spirit of the Horse equestrian area was devoted to informing Royal Winter Fair attendees about the different breeds of horses found in Ontario. This section of the fair included a demonstration ring and an exhibit area. The whole equestrian feature was developed, in conjunction with the fair organizers, by the Ontario Equestrian Federation. Each day several different breeds came into the ring to demonstrate their characteristics. If you love horses, this was the place to be. The organizers (OEF and RAWF) have described the ring as: “One of the most popular and well-known features of the Fair, Spirit of the Horse will continue to educate and entertain Royal patrons by way of breed and discipline demonstrations. Member associations of the OEF will present recreation, education, health, career and sport activities through their demonstrations.”