Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Awesome time at the Mimosa Cup and Summer Games 2010!

If you ever want to get your horse out and have a great time - this is definitely not one to miss!

This was our second time at the Mimosa Cup in Caledeon. We rode on the Hunter Pace in the morning (5 min too fast for a placing!! he he!), and in the Parade of Hounds/Mock Hunt. My horse 'finally' got to catch up to the hounds at the end of the demo hunt- so he was completely thrilled! Just a carpet of hounds all around his feet! And ... lastly we entered into the Mimosa Cup pairs race held over the same ~6km course as the Hunter Pace in the morning. Tali and Steel got a pretty respectable 8th place finish at 21min+20sec... only about 28 sec off of 7th place!

Overall- a completely great day for riders and horses at a great, friendly club with excellent terrain and footing (and jumps) on the course!

The horses have so much fun getting a good gallop on through the long forested pathways... and you just can't stop smiling. How wonderful is that!!!